The Quest Game: Rise of Emodo

Launched across all popular browsers in 20 languages and supported by (optional) smartphone apps this FREE to play game will soon become your NEW homepage. Everyone involved in the world of Emodo will become part of our global marketing solution and, so, everyone has a chance to generate a small income stream from this amazing game.


Rise of Emodo will become a FREE to play, ever-evolving, strategy and alliance-based puzzle and adventure game spread across two (maybe three) planetary systems.


We want to launch the first chapter – Rise of Emodo – this year and so we divided the game into two phases.  Qetoos can be used to enhance your game, access forbidden areas or even to acquire special merchandise. If you need more Qetoos to play then there are loads of ways to get these. You could borrow them from one of the Guilds or purchase an Enhancement Pack. Also, if you run a business you will be able to sponsor an in-game prize and benefit from an incredible business awareness concept through our Kick Starter.


C0mplete Earth is a freshly-squeezed Indie Games Company with a genuine, back to grass-roots-level view on life. Our primary development team is spread across the planet (USA, UK, Philippines, New Zealand and Slovenia). We are also supported by a network of marketing folks, editors and some amazing fans…The complete story of Emodo spans 18 chapters and that’s going to take several years.

Alex Ruiz – constant inspiration who has previously worked on Avatar, Aliens, Eragon, Halo 3, Family Guy and the Simpsons. Alex begins working on Rise of Emodo in June. Tad Davis – a wonderful map-maker who is designing the space-based views of Emodo. The city level views of Merchantopia are currently being sketched by Andrea and these will be then passed to legendary map-maker Jonathan Roberts who developed the ‘Game of Thrones‘ maps for George RR Martin. Andrea Pua – our amazing and wonderful concept artist, Andrea works closely with Mike Leonard (our writer). Andrea is a student of the legendary Feng Zhu.



Jason Godbey – more for Rise of Emodo Phase 2, Jason has worked on environment design for God of War: Ghosts of SpartaLili Wexu – will become the voice of the Questorian. Lili has worked on a couple ofAssassin’s Creed games and was also an actor in AVP Requiem. Lili always seems so excited by the prospects of Rise of Emodo that she’s agreed to voice a stretch reward for you guys…Naomi Mercer – the voice of the Bandies in John Chafont’s ‘Band Together; Naomi has also voiced in Mass Effect 2. Expect Naomi in Phase 2 of Rise of Emodo… 


Vlado Hudec – creates some wonderfully epic soundtracks and he will be handling the primary music development for Rise of Emodo. David J Peterson – gets a special mention. We want Emodo to be rich and diverse and whilst your Menorgra’s Gift amulet enables you to converse with our aliens, we really wanted to breathe some life into the languages of both the Emodon and Architects. David has helped us in the early phases of language creation, with the languages themselves coming via the Language Creation Society (of which he is President). David has previously worked on Game of Thrones and Defiance . Alien Apple Studios  – again for Rise of Emodo Phase 2, Donna and Stu Jennet have spent nearly two decades each working on AAA games in senior positions for some of the largest studios on Earth, including Rage and THQ Digital UK. Jon Mohr – has a warm narrative voice and when you hear him, you know you’ve heard him before. He’s like an old friend you’ve never met. Jon will become the voice of the Memory Stones and Codex Emodo.


We know that for $36,000 we can complete the work we’ve started and deliver to you an incredible game. Deep down though, we want to go further. We want to breathe life into an awesome, interactive virtual world designed in the stunning Unity 3D and if you help us achieve $300,000+ we can begin to deliver that experience in 2014. As of 06/05/2013 we are at 169 backers $37,644 pledged of $36,000 goal 9 days to go.


We already want to create Chapter 2 and discover the new adventures when the Emodons finally reach the moon Vyo and make a shattering discovery. We want to explore the Shadow D’harblus some more. He’s lived for 32,000 years: a weapon created in the Age of Wars who still has some grudges. We also want to write the books that our fans keep asking for. Together with our awesome Kickstarter friends we can achieve this and a whole lot more!


Thank you!

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Creators: Michael Leonard & Jim Sulivan Complete Earth LLC


5 Responses to “The Quest Game: Rise of Emodo”

  1. Adriana Marcolini Campidelli Says:

    The Quest Game: Rire of Emodo is quite good new game for people who like to enjoy your time with intelligence.

  2. Fantastic Can’t wait for the game to start

  3. Interesting game – made a small pledge

  4. Thank You everyone..Lots of great stuff happening!!

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